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Web Design

Why Invest in Custom Web Design?

Your business isn’t generic—your website shouldn’t be, either. Many organizations turn to cookie-cutter website platforms to serve their business needs, only to find they are held back by limitations. Custom web design removes those restrictions and adds a level of precision, branding, scalability, and functionality that’s not available with generic site builders. You can get everything you need out of your website, with none of the pre-packaged bloat.

Why Work With Method Marketing?

Uncommon expertise

Our breadth of expertise and depth of experience in custom web design and development are uncommon among our competitors in the marketing industry. Method Marketing’s web team relies on full-stack development experience comprising architecture, database, server, UI, UX, and everything in between. We can develop any e-commerce platform or server environment in almost any language, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and C#, and we have a proven development process in place to deliver the custom software that best fits your needs.

We'll Make a Site that makes sense for YOU

Not only can we modify existing themes and pages in your current software to better suit your needs, but we can create entirely new software from scratch to make every element exactly as it should be.

Core Web Design Services

Custom Site Design

We’ll create and maintain your organization’s website so that it looks and feels unique to you and performs how you need it to.

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  • Custom aesthetics and design
  • Fast, responsive features
  • Functionality
  • Top-notch user experience
  • Template customization

Custom Software

We’ll build you custom tools and software that can help you do things static websites just can’t.

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  • Custom reporting
  • Third-party integrations
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Web Scraping
  • REST apis
  • Micro-services

Database & Server Management

Expert storage, custom configurations, and diligent data stewardship to keep your operation running smoothly.

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  • Client information
  • Sales data
  • New data collection and storage
  • Backup management
  • FTP
  • Security
  • Databasing
  • Website updates
  • Server Independence

Theming and Plugins

The custom look and functionality of your website that makes it shine on the front end, and provides you with more control on the back end.

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  • Custom forms
  • SEO plugins
  • Third-party integrations
  • Visual elements
  • Performance tools
  • UI and UX tools

Optimization & Performance

We make sure your website delivers a seamless experience, with fast, reliable content, that your users want.

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  • Prevent content shift and "rage clicks"
  • Reduce site latency
  • Responsive design
  • AMP
  • Image Compression
  • Code optimization

Tracking & Data Collection

We set your site up to efficiently track user behavior and map out the purchase pipeline.

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  • Google analytics
  • Bing Ads
  • Web Form tracking
  • Facebook pixel
  • Developing a "life of the lead"

Our Methodology begins by Identifying and prioritizing your company's opportunities and business goals.

Our Mission Statement

The best digital marketing company is the one that can pair an intimate knowledge of your company, products, and services with a tailored strategy designed to highlight your company’s unique advantages. Our mission is to be a true extension of your internal team, acting as strategist, tactician and the frontline resource. We will help you to outline your strategy AND we will implement it keystroke by keystroke. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of what you have to gain, in terms that remove all ambiguity, and to make sure that we communicate the progress we are making in real time. We won’t provide you with cookie-cutter service. We understand the hard work and care you have put into your company, and you deserve a partner that will work just as hard for you.


The more unique you are as a business, the more likely you are to need custom software. If you have a product or service that nobody has ever offered, there is no existing template to work from that will hit the right notes. Custom software is better suited to service industries than product industries, but it nonetheless can be extremely valuable for both models because of the higher level of precision it can offer. Out-of-the-box software solutions are decent starting points, but businesses who want to elevate their site experience and step up their marketing efforts should consider custom web development.

Custom software provides unique security measures, meaning that they do not contain known vulnerabilities that can be exploited on the internet like other platforms can encounter. The most common software is prone to the best-known vulnerabilities. You can also tailor the site’s functionality and back-end workflows using custom tools and plugins, which allows more room for innovation in industries that are either emerging or falling behind the tech curve. A custom platform is not subject to random breaking updates, which means that your custom code won’t get ruined if your site’s primary software gets an automatic update. And, of course, bespoke software has the advantage of being intellectual property—at the end of the day, you own it. You’re not susceptible to a TOS agreement or price hikes because the software is yours.

You don’t need to know how the code of your site is written or how your database operates. The more you can tell us about what you want and how it should work, the better we can build it. But ultimately, as long as you understand what the user experience should be, that’s enough—our expertise can take it from there.

A lot of things can go wrong when you’re changing the functionality or look of your website. You want a team with expertise that knows what buttons to press and which switches to flip when things don’t go right. All integrations, whether it’s connecting your inventory software, integrating automatic email services, adding tracking mechanisms, or incorporating Shopify, change the code of your site. These can be done through plugins, theme changes, or custom code—all of which you’d want the knowledge of an expert for.

There is a number of causes for a site crash, including automatic updates that don’t play well with existing code, scheduled processes failing to run, or bugs in existing code that have just never been triggered before. Depending on the reason for the crash, you could revert to a previous version of the site, fix the bug, or investigate and restart the site’s scheduled processes, which requires low-level access to your server.

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