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Paid Social Media marketing is one of the greatest business opportunities of the last 100 years. No other channel provides the combination of targeting, tracking, and scale that can be found in the prominent social media channels. Facebook provides tremendous opportunity for transactional campaigns, as well as lead generation. Instagram & Snap are the predominant social media channels for Millennials and Gen Z. Targeting options on LinkedIn are ideal for B2B companies looking to increase the ROI on their lead generation campaigns. YouTube (closely followed by Facebook) is the most used social media channel amoungst US adults, and is a tremendous vehicle for increasing your audience reach. Our speciality is in leveraging both your data and the deep audience options available in social networks to build targeted social media advertising specific to your businesses goals, increasing the ROI on your advertising spend.

The Global Reach of
Social Networks
Average Minutes Spent Per Day
on Social Media in the US


Facebook is the leading social media network, and provides a comprehensive suite of advertising options from lead generation, web traffic, dynamic product ads, stories, video and more.


Over 600 million users access Instagram. Instagram is the worlds most popular visual social media platform. IG is a Facebook product, which makes integration with Facebook ads easy.


4 of 5 LinkedIn's more than 400 million users are decision makers in some capacity. LinkedIn provides scalable targeting options that are not available though any other marketing channel.


From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, YouTube is home to 24/7 viewership. With over 400 hours of new content uploaded every minute, YouTube's broad appeal is an endless opportunity to expand your audience.


230 Million people use Snap everyday. Overwhelmingly made up of younger generations, SnapChat is an excellent medium for brands looking to connect with Millennials and Gen Z.

How are we different?

We believe that success in paid social media marketing is dependent on fully understanding our client’s business goals, customer acquisition process, and the KPIs that are most highly correlated with success. We understand that each customer is unique and their marketing campaign should be customized to fit their unique business strategy. Executing a dynamic product campaign is very different from building a campaign supporting a lead generation funnel or executing a campaign introducing a new product on a national scale. We spend as much time understanding your business as we do execute your creative assets. 


Measure performance with accurate attribution.


Creative, audience and budgets for optimal ROI.


Leverage top performers and build out to maximize return.

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