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Paid Search with Method Marketing - Google Adwords & Bing Ads

We will be the first to tell you that paid search isn’t rocket science… it is data science. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) approached is founded on leveraging your business data to deliver results unmatched by our peers.

Our team will dig through your data to understand your key profitability drivers. On average our clients have experienced a 334% increase in profitability within the first 12 months of activating our services. While we often experience some of our biggest “wow moments”  within a year, we continue to improve year after year after year. Our average compound annual net profit growth rate with existing clients is 133%.  

Our average compound annual net profit growth rate with existing clients is 133%.  
Within 12 Months our median client PPC efforts are
nearly 3.5 times more profitable than the prior year.

PPC - Adwords Channels

Search Ads

Search ads serve as the foundation of many PPC campaigns. We drive deeper into keyword research, grouping, ad text and landing page targeting than our competitors.

Shopping Ads

When it comes to managing the bottom of the search funnel, E-Commerce companies know that the competitive landscape of shopping ads is the most important Google Adwords product.

Display Ads

Brand building, new product introduction, audience and intent targeting. We handle your display ads in-house. No 3rd party management service increasing cost for less effective ads.

Video Ads

With over 2 billion users accessing YouTube every month, YouTube provides the reach of national television with the targeting of digital advertising.

Retargeting Ads

Re-engage with customers throughout their purchase journey with targeted remarketing ads.

Your ROI is Our ROI

There are many firms that offer to increase ROI. We know, most of our customers started with one of those firms. The truth is when it comes to paid search there is no such thing as an effective “set it and forget it” strategy. The ever-changing and highly competitive search engine landscape requires continued PPC evolution in order to enjoy continued paid search success. We work to make adjustments to your account on a daily basis. We communicate with your team on the true performance of your campaigns. We provide accurate reporting designed to help us improve over time. There are no smoke and mirrors or reporting common tactics like embedding branded ROI data in top level reports to inflate performance data. 

The Pillars of Success


Keyword Strategy, Ad Copy, Extensions, Landing Page, User Flow

Data Managment

Tracking Pixel, Conversion Optimization, Attribution Models, Cross Device, Bid Management


Audience, Demographic, User Behavior, Device, Location

Conversion Journey

Optimize customer converision by understanding what stage in the customer journey your target is. 

Optimize for Profit

ROAS strategies are nice, but optimizing for net profit is the only way to fully maximize your ppc campaigns for optimal performance. 


Budget Management, Incremental ROAS, Leverage over performing under served segments, Automate rules matched ROI segments

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