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Organic Social Media

Should I Invest in Social Media Marketing?

A strong social media presence across the appropriate platforms is a terrific way to build relationships with people you care about—your customers, clients, prospects, and brand supporters. By focusing on creating conversations and engaging with your audience, you can strengthen affinity for your brand and reinforce your message and values. Social media can extend your business’s reach in ways not possible on your website, allowing you to participate in conversations relevant to your brand.

For many brands, social media is the best way to show the “real you.”

Why choose Method Marketing
As my Social Media Agency?

Many companies miss the mark on social media for a variety of reasons, but they usually boil down to one of two issues: There isn’t a strong plan in place, or the presence on a given platform is inconsistent with the brand’s identity. At Method Marketing, we combine our commitment to partnership with a deep understanding of how social media impacts the customer journey to ensure that your social media efforts are not only effective in supporting your financial goals, but also representative of your company values. There is no one-size fits all approach to social media marketing. A successful strategy for one business might be totally wrong for yours. That’s why we make sure your online presence is customized to your specific goals and needs.

Core Social Media Services


“Show, not tell” on this highly visual social media platform that’s among the most popular apps in the world.

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  • Instagram prioritizes visual media uniquely
  • Solidify brand identity
  • Highlight services or products
  • Develop a consistent aesthetic
  • Video content
  • Creative focus
  • Key Ages: 53 percent between 18-35


The world’s largest social media network with more than 2.5 billion monthly users.

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  • Create brand awareness and interaction with an online community.
  • Engage clients and customers directly
  • Conversation moderation
  • Content creation
  • Scheduling
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Key Ages: 60 percent over 35, 42 percent over 45


LinkedIn remains a strong platform for businesses due to its reputation as the go-to place for professionals to build their networks.

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  • An excellent resource for B2B organizations
  • Content creation and roadmap
  • Expertise and value positioning
  • Hashtag research
  • Industry-specific conversation engagement


Primarily enjoyed by younger generations of users, TikTok focuses on the creation and spread of short, creative videos designed to entertain.

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  • Massively appealing to younger audiences
  • Content creation
  • Library building for cross-platform repurposing
  • Comment and messaging moderation
  • Key Ages: 62 percent under 29, 41 percent between 18-24


One of the most malleable social media platforms out there for brands with a lot to say.

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  • Join conversations in public spaces
  • Share photos and videos
  • Link to content
  • Amplify other relevant accounts
  • Moderate private and public messaging
  • Cultivation of consistent content plan


YouTube is one of the largest search engines AND also one of the largest social media networks in the world.

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With 92% of Americans using YouTube weekly, it is the fastest-growing platform on the internet.
  • Content creation
  • Audience research
  • Brand awareness
  • Channel management
  • Performance evaluation and tracking
  • Most popular social media network and 2nd Most popular search engine
  • 62% of US uses YoutTube Daily

Our Methodology begins by Identifying and prioritizing your company's opportunities and business goals.

Our Mission Statement

The best digital marketing company is the one that can pair an intimate knowledge of your company, products, and services with a tailored strategy designed to highlight your company’s unique advantages. Our mission is to be a true extension of your internal team, acting as strategist, tactician and the frontline resource. We will help you to outline your strategy AND we will implement it keystroke by keystroke. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of what you have to gain, in terms that remove all ambiguity, and to make sure that we communicate the progress we are making in real time. We won’t provide you with cookie-cutter service. We understand the hard work and care you have put into your company, and you deserve a partner that will work just as hard for you.


The short answer: “Social media,” as a whole, refers to the full breadth of applications, networks, and websites that enable large user groups to share content with each other or otherwise interact virtually. We often refer to one of these mediums as a “platform.”

This is the most common question we get about organic social media, and truly, the answer is: it depends. It depends on the platforms you’re using, your goals, and the content at your disposal. We’re happy to walk you through this as we evaluate your social media needs. Maybe links to your interesting blog would perform well if you have a captive Facebook audience. Or, if you are an interior decorator, perhaps you’d be much better off focusing on photos on Instagram. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for content, except a philosophical one: You should post content that is relevant to your brand and in line with your goals.

Once again, this answer depends on who you are and what platform you’re using. Social media should augment your marketing, not replace it. That means a little can go a long way, if it’s effective. Some businesses might find it useful to do a handful of posts across four different platforms every month. Other large content-heavy organizations might benefit from more frequent posting. Generally, you want to remind your audiences that you’re there and ready to engage, but without overwhelming their feeds.

Not every company needs every social media platform, and not every platform is good for every company. Your needs and goals will dictate where your social media energies should go. That said, every reputable brand should have a Facebook business page, and most will benefit from Instagram.

Think of social media as an extension of your customer service. Is there ever a time where you would simply ignore a client’s question or comment? Of course not. The same rules apply on social media: Questions and comments deserve your attention and your response, whether they’re positive or negative. This often is frustrating for business owners, who struggle to find time to moderate their online comments, but it’s crucial nonetheless for providing a comfortable, positive online experience for your audience. If your brand gets big enough that every single post you create garners thousands of comments, you can scale back some. But until then, you should keep a close eye on those questions, comments, and messages.

It can sometimes seem like you can “just tell” that you’ve done a good post–it’s getting a lot of comments and reactions, and a few folks have shared it. Even better, maybe you’ve had people tell you in person about an Instagram post you did that they really liked. That’s not nothing, but it also doesn’t say much about how well your larger strategy works. We track several important metrics for social media posts, all of which are informed by the strategic plan we set up for you. Using Facebook as an example, typically we will evaluate three primary metrics over time: organic reach, which is how many real people are organically seeing your post, conversions and leads, and engagement rate. The latter is the percentage of people that saw your post who engaged with it in some way–reacted, commented, or shared. Think of engagement rate as a number value for how much people care about what you have to say. If your posts’ engagement rate is on the rise over time, your plan is working. If it’s declining, there are several factors that bear investigating.

Yes. Organic social media is much more about engagement and connection with audiences that likely already know you and have an affinity for or interest in you. Paid social media should be thought of as advertising to new audiences. The message crafting for these different types of social media is quite different–though they often complement each other.

Remember that social media is a conversation–a negative review or comment is an opportunity to be a part of that conversation. In almost all cases, it is important to remain professional, patient, courteous, and kind, even if the comment is completely off-base or out of line. Remember that by responding publicly, your comment is visible to everyone. In instances where someone is leaving a negative review, we recommend attempting to reach out to that individual to continue the conversation privately and extend customer service. Of course, if someone crosses a line–if they post something that clearly violates your community’s values–you can always block that person from following you, hide their comment, or mute them, depending on the platform. There is a line between negative and abusive. Sometimes, it can be an emotional process to read a mean comment, and your impulses might lead you to write something you’ll regret later. Having a professional social media marketer in your corner is invaluable in situations like this!

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