Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Why Invest in Affiliate and Influencer Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular, fast-growing marketing strategy that excels at helping companies grow brand awareness with minimal overhead. Affiliate marketing is particularly effective for creating valuable partnerships and generating new revenue streams. Because consumers trust brand ambassadors, affiliates serve as affinity-building personalities for your products and services, generating trust and familiarity with your brand.

Why Work With Method Marketing?

Focused on What Fits Your Brand Goals

We do the legwork, building you a robust affiliate network that will bring in quality affiliate influencers, focused on driving brand awareness and customer acquisition. We understand how to engage with affiliates across a broad spectrum of industries and have expertise across all the major affiliate platforms. We identify affiliate prospects for you by establishing promising and appropriate spaces and are focused on identifying long-term partnerships. We combine performance data with your business goals to determine the best affiliate candidates.

Cultivating Relationships

We foster the relationship between you and your affiliate, as well as nurture the affiliate’s growth to help them keep up with industry trends, ultimately increasing their value to you. We provide in-depth reporting on your affiliates’ performance, and facilitate ongoing communication to make sure partnerships are well cared for and productive for years to come.

Core Affiliate Marketing Services

Platform Management

No matter where you’re selling, we’ll help your affiliate drive traffic and conversions on your purchasing platform.

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  • Third-party platform setup
  • Product feed integration
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Affiliate rules and programs configuration


We dig to understand the spaces in which your brand will perform, and the affiliates that will maintain attention.

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  • Marketplace inquiry
  • Affiliate network and directory search
  • Online community research
  • Customer surveys


We set up, automate, and maintain the back-end nuts and bolts that make your affiliate partnership run smoothly.

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  • CRM setup for outreach
  • Configure lead stage tracking
  • Outreach workflow automation

Prospecting & Outreach

We connect with affiliates to get the ball rolling, so they can get people talking about you.

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We set up your affiliate with products or services to include on their channels for brand amplification in key digital spaces.
  • Blogger network outreach
  • Cross-platform search
  • Rigorous checklist to vet affiliate accounts
  • Evaluation

Relationship management

Your affiliates will champion you, and we help them get better at doing it.

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  • Regular dialogue with top affiliates
  • Facilitating communication between affiliate and client
  • Building marketing programs that benefit both affiliate and client
  • News & information sharing
  • Improvement resources for underperforming affiliates
  • Identifying deeper partnership opportunities
  • Communication via affiliate platform of choice

Tracking and Reporting

Data analysis and constant campaign evaluation ensure your affiliates help meet expectations for a strong return on investment.

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  • Affiliate platform analysis
  • Affiliate linking evaluation
  • Strategic campaign assessment
  • Content Management

Our Methodology begins by Identifying and prioritizing your company's opportunities and business goals.

Our Mission Statement

The best digital marketing company is the one that can pair an intimate knowledge of your company, products, and services with a tailored strategy designed to highlight your company’s unique advantages. Our mission is to be a true extension of your internal team, acting as strategist, tactician and the frontline resource. We will help you to outline your strategy AND we will implement it keystroke by keystroke. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of what you have to gain, in terms that remove all ambiguity, and to make sure that we communicate the progress we are making in real time. We won’t provide you with cookie-cutter service. We understand the hard work and care you have put into your company, and you deserve a partner that will work just as hard for you.


Affiliate marketing is a program that gives a percentage of sales to the content creator. There is a great deal of overlap between affiliate and influencer marketing, but influencer marketing defines a social media user’s content influence in a market, where affiliate marketing speaks specifically to how the monetary relationship is managed between retailers and their affiliate content creators and media outlets. While both influencer marketing and affiliate marketing depend on building strong working relationships, affiliate marketing specifically relies on content creators—established individuals who have platforms (blogs, publishing sites, companies, high-value social media) that can position your brand as relevant. Influencer marketing relies on the popularity of the person, specifically.

Most affiliate marketing arrangements are based on a percentage commission–for every sale your business makes through an affiliate link, your affiliate gets a cut. It’s a mutually beneficial dynamic in which both you and your affiliate earn more if your affiliate produces compelling content that prominently directs people to making purchases with you. It also helps content creators determine what type of content to create.

Affiliate marketing is a form of partnership—or “affiliation”—between your brand and an associate platform that provides promotion for you in exchange for a percentage of your sales if a purchase is made on their platform. This is most commonly done through affiliate links, where an affiliate attaches a tracking code to the end of any link they direct toward their partners, but can also be managed using tracking codes, coupons, or portal pages. Affiliate marketing differs from many other forms in that payment is only made when a sale occurs. The majority of non-marketplace affiliate programs (like Amazon and Walmart) are managed via third-party platforms that streamline the management and reporting process.

Determining affiliate rates is most effectively done on a case-by-case basis, but in most cases, it is a good idea to start with flat-rate commissions based on industry, retailer, product, and some other key factors. A popular strategy for determining a commission rate for affiliates is to attach it to their performance, but you can also offer bonuses, VIP commissions for big-ticket sales, and a simple, baseline flat rate. Your rate should be something attractive enough to compel quality affiliates to work with you, but not so high that you will create too much overhead per sale.

Sponsorship arrangements are similar to affiliate marketing in that a brand is providing payment to a second party, but they differ in what is expected in return. Sponsorships tend to be more similar to influencer marketing in that they benefit from the popularity of the individual. Affiliate marketing has a more structured approach in which your affiliate is expected to promote your brand–sponsors tend to benefit from the existing reputation of the individual in less direct ways, like word-of-mouth.

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