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The Persuasion Problem: Why Convincing Doesn’t Always Convert

Persuading a prospect to believe in your product or service is just one part of getting them to actually convert.
illustration of a man standing outside a storefront, considering the items in the window. it is a representation of persuasion as it relates to marketing.

In the nuanced world of communication and marketing, the interplay between persuasion and conversion is an intricate dance. While it might seem straightforward to assume that a persuaded individual would naturally take the next step and convert, human psychology and behavior frequently defy this logic.

1. The Difference Between Persuasion and Conversion

  • Persuasion encompasses the process of changing or reinforcing opinions, attitudes, or beliefs. It’s the art and science of getting someone to understand and resonate with a viewpoint.
  • Conversion is the culmination of marketing efforts that leads someone to take a desired action, be it making a purchase, signing up, or successfully triggering any other engagement metric.

The gap between these two is more than semantic. For instance, an individual might be persuaded about the health benefits of a gym membership. But that doesn’t mean they will immediately sign up.

2. Understanding the Barriers to Conversion

While persuasion plants the seed of intent, numerous barriers can stand between intent and action. Some of the most common ones:

  • Lack of immediacy: Without a sense of urgency, even a persuaded individual might delay action. They could believe in the value of a product or service but think, “I’ll buy it later.”
  • Friction in the process: Even the most enthusiastic customer can be deterred by a cumbersome buying process. If there are too many steps, unclear instructions, or technical issues, conversion rates will drop.
  • Trust issues: A customer might be persuaded about a product but might hold reservations about the brand’s credibility, security measures, or return policies.
  • External influences: From a friend’s contrary opinion to a sudden financial concern, external factors can deter a conversion.

3. Beyond Convincing: Emotional Engagement and Trust Building

Data and logical arguments have their place, but human beings are emotional creatures:

  • Storytelling: More than just narrating events, effective storytelling draws the audience in, making them part of the narrative, evoking emotions and memories that can drive action.
  • Transparency: Sharing about sourcing, manufacturing processes, or company ethos can create a bond of trust with consumers who are increasingly valuing authenticity.
  • Consistent engagement: Regularly updating consumers on company news, product updates, or simply sharing value-driven content can keep the brand fresh in their minds.

4. Pragmatic Applications in Marketing

  • Micro-conversions: It’s like climbing a ladder. Instead of jumping straight to the top, encourage consumers to take one step at a time. Maybe first, they follow you on social media, then sign up for a newsletter, attend a webinar, and finally, they make a purchase.
  • Reduce friction: Ensuring user-friendliness at every touchpoint is key. A website that’s easy to navigate, offers a seamless checkout process, and provides instant customer support can greatly enhance conversion.
  • Feedback loops: Create channels where customers can voice concerns or provide feedback. This not only helps in refining processes but also conveys that the brand values its customers.
  • Leverage social proof: Highlighting user testimonials, showcasing positive reviews, or sharing case studies can make a prospect more comfortable in converting.

While persuasion is the foundation of marketing communications, ensuring conversion requires an in-depth understanding of various barriers and human psychology. A holistic approach that combines emotional engagement, trust-building, user experience optimization, and continuous adaptation is the key to bridging the gap between convincing and converting.

Travis Souders

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